Ivy League School Refuses To Let Stalked Teen Carry A Gun For Protection

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Taylor Woolrich,21, shouldn’t have a care in the world as she prepares for her Junior year at Dartmouth College. Instead, she is living in fear for her life as her stalker could be released from prison any day now.  That fear has doubled since her school has refused to allow her to carry a handgun for protection, forcing her to choose between school and her life.

Four years ago, Taylor was working as a hostess at a restaurant in California when 67 year-old Richard Bennett followed her home. Since then, he has stalked the young woman, even after she moved across the country to attend college. She filed a restraining order against the man, but he was relentless. When she left for school, he harassed her via social media, saying that he would fly across the country to visit her.

The situation escalated when Bennett was arrested in front of her house on the day she arrived home from college for a visit. When his car was searched, police found a “rape kit” that included duct tape, rope, and knives.

“That’s when I realized how serious it was,” Woolrich said, according to The Blaze.

If he is convicted of the charges, he could face up to four years in prison. However, if he is set free Woolrich will never be able to feel safe.

“I feel safe for now, but the day he gets out is the day I will have to leave Dartmouth,” she said.

Unfortunately, Woolrich cannot protect herself on her own campus because her school will not allow her to carry a gun, even though a maniac is after her. While she is able to get an open carry permit in her home state of California, her college has repeatedly refused to allow her to protect herself. Instead, they suggest she use campus police for protection, but Woolrich says they don’t take her seriously when she calls them.

“I got responses such as, ‘You can’t keep calling us all the time,’ or ‘You can only call after 9 p.m.,” she said Tuesday at the annual Students for Concealed Carry conference in Washington, D.C. “I’d like to say that my stalker doesn’t really care what time of day it is. He doesn’t care if it’s light or dark or if I’m on the east coast or the west coast or out of the country. I have an out of control situation and I’m asking for my control back.”

“Unless they have an armed guard in front of my dorm room, I’m not sure how safe I will be,” she added to reporters. “I don’t think there’s much an unarmed guard can do.”

Until Dartmouth changes their minds, there is nothing Woolrich can do but hope that her stalker is sentenced to some hard prison time. If he isn’t, she may need to drop out of college to save her life.

What do you think? Should she be allowed to protect herself, or do guns need to be kept off college campuses at all costs? Let us know in the comments below!

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