Women’s Shoe Company Under Fire For Racy Ad Campaign

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If you’re a woman, it goes without saying that you love shoes. If you’re like me, you spend way too much money on them. The footwear industry is booming. Unless, that is, you’re women’s shoe manufacturer Nine West.

A new ad campaign recently released by Nine West has come under immense scrutiny from women everywhere. It doesn’t seem to matter how old they are, their political views, or lifestyle choices; everyone hates what Nine West is pushing. The ads feature high heels which Nine West promises will find you a ‘starter husband’ and a purse that’s sure to be just the thing when you’re doing the ‘walk of shame’.



Nine West’s best efforts have effectively back-fired. Feminazis hate the adds because they suggest that the only thing women have to aspire to is finding a husband. Conservatives hate the adds because of they glorify divorce and promiscuity.





Even marketing experts think that the ads have missed the mark. One such expert told The New York Times“‘Starter husband hunting’ and ‘walk of shame’ … are things that men say about women, not that women say about women. … If you really liked women, you’d be calling that a ‘victory lap,’ not a ‘walk of shame.'”

Despite the negative press, Nine West appears to think that their new racy ad campaign will indeed make shoes and handbags fly off the shelves. Erika Szychowski, senior vice president of marketing for Nine West, commented, “My gut tells me that it’s not offensive. And it’s not just my gut but the incredibly active, large community of people that we work with both internally and externally — it’s actually resonating for them.” Nine West then continued their reckless abandon of good moral character with this tweet:


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