Meet Florida’s Duck Dynasty: Barbie Hunter Who Fears God And Loves Guns

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One Florida woman has recently been dubbed Florida’s version of Duck Dynasty, and even though she’s just one person, she’s more than enough to piss off a few Liberals. Meet Michelle Rovinsky, otherwise known as Bunny Hunter, ladies and gentlemen. She’s a gun loving, God fearing woman intent on one thing – empowering women.

Bunny is a 32-year-old Florida woman who has Liberal panties already twisted in all sorts of knots as she seeks to educate those who either demonize, or may be intimidated, by guns. She further explains that the celebrities young ones idolize is precisely what’s wrong with this country and states that she wants to be someone people can truly look up to.


“Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have no morals, they are terrible role models for young women,” says Bunny who wasn’t mincing any words. “I want to show women that you don’t have to act like a slut to get ahead.”

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Bunny, as she’d be the first to tell you, isn’t as dumb as people would rather you think she was as, after all, it’s all part of her master plan. “Someone looks at me and they think, ‘what a cute little Barbie,’” she describes. “’Little do they know, they’ve got something coming their way if they try and mess with me.”


Letting us in on her ingenious idea, she conveys, “I see my make-up and clothes as kind of like camouflage. People let their guard down and I let them think I’m stupid if I want.” And boy is her plan working – countless Liberals have already pointed their noses up at her in an attempt to demonstrate their ideological superiority.

She isn’t having any of it though as she relays, “The right to bear arms – it says right there in the constitution that it’s in case of a political uprise from the government. I feel that a lot of the laws that have been passed or are trying to be passed have to do with that. The government is trying to strip us of our arms.”

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Her website isn’t just a description of why those who fear guns should respect her, it’s a warning cry of sorts as well urging American politicians to keep in line lest American rise up and place them back in it. As she herself describes, she’s read the notorious, “The Art of War,” countless times and states that she’s ready for whatever may come her way.


“I may look like a Barbie doll, but that’s just ONE of the weapons in my arsenal!” she writes on her website, Bunny Hunter. “This God-fearing, patriotic country girl is striving to help restore this once proud land back to that which was originally envisioned by our Founding Fathers.”

Despite proclaiming herself as a, “radical right wing extremist,” she has already developed quite the extensive fan base with her most popular video having been watched a whopping 60,000 times. Take a peek at that video below and let us know what you think of Bunny by leaving us a comment too!

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