Liberal Runs Over Woman Protesting Illegal Immigration

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Here we have another bit of evidence that the Left is only tolerant of those who are pushing their agenda. Border Convoy is a group of patriots who are currently making the trek from the West Coast to Texas to educate Americans on the dangers of illegal immigration. During their travels, at a gas station in California, a woman with the group was targeted by a pro-amnesty Democrat who rammed her with his truck.

Eric Odom, a Border Convoy member, described the horrifying incident:

“He literally moved his vehicle up to her and pushed her out of his way with his truck. He then made it very clear that he didn’t support what we were doing. That type of aggressive reaction is what we’ve gotten all along the way. They literally hit us with vehicles, run us off the road, surround our hotels and have us evacuated at 4:30 in the morning, and that’s pretty much what we’ve seen from the opposition from day one.”

The reaction that Border Convoy is getting from those who oppose their views is shocking, considering they are protesting something which is illegal under U.S. law. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. Anti-amnesty protesters in Murrieta, CA were met by violence from amnesty supporters over the Fourth of July weekend.

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Journalist Paul Joseph Watson reported:

“According to anti-amnesty activists, the opposing demonstrators labeled themselves ‘anarchist-communists’ and had plotted to cause trouble beforehand. One of the communist agitators slapped a woman in the face before being grabbed by police. Her friends then jumped on the police officer and tried to wrestle the woman away.”

As you can see from the video above, the liberally biased media is not reporting truthfully on the reality of America’s response to our porous borders. If you only get your news from CNN or MSNBC, you may not know that the majority of U.S. citizens do not support welcoming illegal immigrants with open arms.

The footage below was recorded by a liberal at the Murrieta, CA protests. However, it just goes to show that the pro-amnesty community is dwarfed in size by the population of American patriots who oppose illegal immigration. The video also proves that pro-amnesty individuals are known to be violent towards those who don’t agree with them.

The debate over immigration reform rages on as conservative Americans are being hit by trucks for preserving the values of our Constitution. The U.S. is in a sad state of affairs and something must be done to right the ship. We need to focus an electing lawmakers who will work tirelessly to defend our liberties against the threat of things such as the immigration crisis. Who do you think will answer this call to restore America to what she once was? Tell us in the comments section.

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