Breaking: Scandalous Photos Of Jerry Jones With Young Women Leak

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Sexually charged photos of Jerry Jones leaked to the media on Tuesday as the Cowboys owner is shown with young women in compromising positions. The pictures show the married Jones cavorting with much younger women in various sexually suggestive poses.

According to The Daily Caller, the pictures were tweeted by Frank Hoover, who uses the twitter account “INFIN8SON.” Hoover seems to be quite a nut job, as he claims the pictures were given to him by God.

He also says the comets, blue moon triads, pi, the stock market, and recurring license plates all told him to show the world Jones’ “sins.” Hoover chose to give the pictures to the media so that no one could blackmail Jones. What a guy!

“At the age of 7, a small ball formed in my right hand. Upon moving to Denver in 1987, I saw a specialist to have it diagnosed,” Hoover wrote in a report. “The doctor diagnosed it as a Ganglion Cyst (Bible Cyst). It was removed at the age of 11. Upon removal, it was found to be a thorn which I believe to be Myrrh. It was about a half inch and for a 7-year old would have caused a lot of pain had it entered my body. The thorn never entered my body naturally. It left a scar in the shape of a ‘C’.”


It’ll sure be interesting to see why God wanted us to see these pictures!



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