Driver Owns Speeding Cop: “You Must Be Above The Law, Right?”

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A new video shows a man being pulled over after shadowing a speeding cop on the highway. According to The Blaze, Paul Brylinski claimed he followed the officer as she sped down a New York interstate at 90 mph.

“I followed her for about 10 miles,” he wrote. “She slowed to 62 (mph) and I passed her going the limit, 65 (mph).”

Then, the cop pulled him over, and he was not happy.

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand what I was doing wrong,” Brylinski said. “Were you doing something wrong?”

“I’m working,” the officer replied. “I’m on patrol.”

“That doesn’t matter. You must be above the law, right?” Brylinski asked.

The officer then tries to explain that she was on call, but didn’t put on her emergency lights because it’s too dangerous. Right.

“When I put on my lights, it’s more of a chance people get in accidents,” she said.

When Brylinski tells the officer that he is recording her, she appears to change her tune as she realizes that she is in trouble.

“You’re not going to follow me at 85 mph,” the officer instructed.

“I won’t now, but you won’t write me a ticket either because you’re clearly above the law,” Brylinski replied.

She then agrees to follow the speed limit and walks off with her tail between her legs, without giving him a ticket.

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