Fox News Host: Women Who Wear High Heels Are Strippers

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Bob Beckel, co-host of Fox News’ The Five, isn’t known for being politically correct. In fact, sometimes the things he lets fly from his lips are so outrageous that we, as viewers, are left to wonder whether the man ever thinks before he speaks. Case in point: Beckel called the most recent Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, a “slut” on the air. Now, she may very well be a bit floozy, but anyone willing to say so on national television has a few screws loose.

Some speculated that Beckel risked being removed from his position at Fox News following his unsavory comment about Dorfman, however, he is still around and has given us another gem. On Monday, the hosts of The Five discussed a controversial new ad campaign being pushed by women’s shoe manufacturer Nine West. The ads feature high heels and purses labeled as the perfect accessories for your next ‘walk of shame’ or night out on the town in hopes of finding a ‘starter husband’.

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After describing what a “walk of shame” is for all of the nuns watching the program, co-host Andrea Tantaros explained that the ads are targeted towards the “modern woman”. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is popular among young women to anticipate divorce at least once in their lifetime and to sleep with different men so regularly that the notion of having the perfect handbag for the morning after would cross their mind.


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The other co-hosts all had meaningful opinions to add to the discussion. Dana Perino said that after 16 years of marriage, she was more concerned with arch support than snagging herself a man. Greg Gutfeld mentioned the fact that feminists are sure to be outraged over the ads. For his part, Beckel’s response was not as intelligent.

Tantaros asked Beckel, “Don’t men notice a nice pair of legs in high heels?” To that honest question, Beckel remarked, “Well, they do in a stripper club.” Nice.

While Bob Beckel’s comment was certainly distasteful, I find the most disturbing part of this story to be Nine West’s ad campaign. It’s proof that there is no regard for modesty or the sanctity of marriage among the younger generation. If this is the “modern woman”, I shutter to think of what she will look like 50 years from now.

Let us know what you think of Nine West’s ad campaign and Bob Beckel’s off-color remark in the comments section!

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