Dem Teacher Destroys GOP Candidate’s Signs At County Fair

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A 38-year-old kindergarten teacher from Germantown, Wisconsin has been charged with disorderly conduct after destroying signs at the Scott Walker for Governor booth at the Jefferson County Fair. April Smith got a little buzzed and decided she needed some excitement. Riding the ferris wheel wasn’t going to cut it, and neither was winning a goldfish. No, April wanted to do something illegal.

Smith first lied to policy about what she had done, but when a witness came forward and exposed her naughty behavior, she had no choice but to admit her wrongdoing.

The incident report, filed by Jefferson County Deputy Heather Larson, stated:

“… (April Smith) confessed to damaging and ripping out the signs. She stated her husband told her to lie and that she’s just so angry with (Gov) Scott Walker due to the fact that she was a school teacher.”

Walker has effectively checked the power of teacher’s unions with his reforms, which infuriated Smith.

Would you be ticked off if a libtard like Smith was in charge of your child’s kindergarten classroom? Not only did she defile campaign materials, but she lied to police about it; not exactly someone who possesses the values you’d like instilled in your precious little boy or girl. Let us know what you think of Smith in the comments section!

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