Bull Shark Eaten Alive By Giant Crocodile [PHOTOS]

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43-year-old Andrew Paice is four months into a year-long trip across Australia with his family to see everything the breath-taking country has to offer. He knew his travels would be memorable, but what he didn’t expect was to gain international attention by capturing an extraordinary moment in nature.


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On Tuesday, Paice was enjoying a river cruise with his partner, Nikki, and 7-year-old daughter, Madison. During their float down the Adelaide River in Kakadu, the family watched as their tour guide, Morgan, fed the indigenous crocodiles meat. One of those carnivorous crocs was Brutus – a notorious member of the natural habitat, known by natives and tourists alike.

Mr. Paice recounted the amazing experience for MailOnline:

“The tour guide had Brutus jumping at some meat the first time we went past him. Brutus is quite well known up here… he jumps really high for an old crocodile. We were near the end of the tour and we’d fed all of the crocodiles along the river. We were on our way back to the jetty when we saw (the crocodile) had something in his mouth. The shark was definitely alive… it was still wriggling. The crocodile slid back into the water and the shark started to flip around a bit. Then the crocodile swam into the mangroves, I guess to protect his catch. I never even thought about a crocodile catching a shark before. It was absolutely amazing to see. Everyone was astonished. I was amazed I even caught it on camera. There’s some amazing sites to see up here. To see the jumping crocodiles was pretty amazing but then to see this… I think it will be pretty hard to top.”

Brutus, the killer croc, is believed to be around 80-years-old. One of his front legs is missing, presumably from a fight he had with another shark. This time, he came out on top.



This was an experience that Paice and his family are sure to remember forever. Let us know what you think of the amazing photos in the comments section!

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