Michelle Obama Makes Another Racist Comment


August 5, 2014 8:55am PST

Michelle Obama has been showing her true colors lately. It seems like with every public appearance the First Lady makes, the American people get another glimpse at just how racist she really is.

At the recent Summit of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Michelle said, “the blood of Africa runs through my veins.”

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She went on to harp on the issue of equality – a favorite among liberals:

“Now, are we anywhere near full economic, political, and domestic equality in the United States? Absolutely not. We still struggle every day with serious issues like violence against women, unequal pay. Women are still woefully underrepresented in our government and in the senior ranks of our corporations.”

The fact of the matter is that white men are becoming the minority in the Unites States. I highly doubt that they’ll ever get to take advantage of programs such as affirmative action, though. We’ll see if they form a ‘National Association of White Men’. The more Michelle Obama yaps her trap, the more stupid she looks.

H/T: American Overlook


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