CONFIRMED: Obama Funding Hamas Terrorists

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As many argue, the United States should not send foreign aid to countries that outwardly express their hatred for America. This notion also holds true for terrorist organization intent on the destruction of specific groups of people simply because they’re different.

Unfortunately however, the desire for such is just a pipe dream.

Despite America’s economic condition being one of the worst of all time with no signs of improvement, it seems that Obama still has plenty left to shell out to his likeminded Muslim brothers. Despite several organizations outwardly declaring their intent on genocide, Obama still hands over hundreds of millions of dollars to people that would gladly watch as America lie in ruins.

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We’ve seen it with the Muslim Brotherhood over in Syria, and now, according to the Wall Street Journal, we’re also seeing it with Hamas. Not only is Obama funding our biggest ally – Israel – but he’s also funding the terrorists intent on their destruction. In all, Obama is funding both sides of a war – great.

Apparently back in 2007, Hamas and the Palestinian authority split ways due to differences in the direction they wanted to go regarding Israel. Because of the current situation however, they have put aside their differences and banded together to fight those dastardly Jews.

According to the Capitalism Institute:

The United States has given, on average, about $400 million per year to the Palestinian Authority, which means that Hamas is getting some of that aid that was intended for the easing of the suffering of the Palestinians.  We have seen over the course of the latest conflict between Hamas and Israel that the terrorists have not been taking care of the Palestinian people, but instead sinking all of their resources into building complex concrete tunnels and procuring missiles, rockets, mortars, guns and ammunition.

Despite our laws clearly dictating that no foreign aid is given to terrorist organizations, Obama continues to shell out dough to the Palestinian Authority – who he knows to be in league with Hamas and, in fact, sharing funds. What do you guys think of this – is there any way to stop Obama from doing this, or is he going to do what he’s always done – whatever he wanted? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in a comment below.

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