News Crew Discovers FEMA Camp, Threatened with Arrest

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While filming a piece on the 129th anniversary of Ulysses S. Grant’s passing, NewsChannel 13’s Mark Mulholland decided to use an abandoned prison as his background while he was speaking to the camera. Quite the odd incident occurred however when a prison Lieutenant rolled up, demanded they get off the land and hand over the tape or else face arrest.

The occurrence took place in the mountains of Wilton, NY where they were speaking about the remembrance of Grant taking place on the anniversary of his death, but the news took a turn when they decided to go somewhere a bit quieter. Using the Mount McGregor Correctional Facility as a backdrop, the prison’s Lieutenant came out of nowhere and began making demands.

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After long, the guard, who thought he had a bit more authority than he actually did, had to call 911. As it turns out, the prison was abandoned a few years back and has exactly zero inmates as of today. Once called “Camp Walkaway” due to the amount of breakouts, the prison still, for some reason, has on staff 76

This has led many to believe that the news crew actually stumbled across a FEMA camp. Take a peek at the video and let us know what you think.

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