Obama Bringing Deadly Ebola Virus Into U.S.

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Obama’s sinister plan to destroy the United States of America is well underway. His latest attempt to decimate our great country is by bringing patients carrying the deadly Ebola virus into the U.S.

Ebola is highly contagious. So much so, that even medical professionals equipped with bio-hazard gear have contracted the virus.

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As reported by infowars.com:

The first known Ebola patient on U.S. soil, Dr. Kent Brantly, was flown into Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, today after contracting the disease in Liberia during the latest outbreak in West Africa which has claimed the lives of over 700.

This has stoked concerns among the American public that Ebola could now spread inside the U.S., especially since the virus has been difficult to contain in Africa.

Instead of preventing Ebola and other viruses from spreading within the U.S., Obama is readying his administration for a power grab if a major pandemic breaks out throughout the country.

Just as Obama has welcomed disease-ridden illegals across our border, he is now waiting with open arms for Brantly, knowing full well that there is a good possibility his virus could spread to other Americans.

Sheila M. Eldred wrote for Discovery News:

“It sounds like the perfect script for a horror movie: A virus with no vaccine and no cure kills hundreds of people; despite containment efforts, it keeps spreading, but it’s actually all too real in West Africa, where doctors have said Ebola is now ‘out of control.”

The thought of this becoming the reality in the United States is enough to make you sick to your stomach. Columnist Paul Craig Roberts echoed the same sentiment as Eldred:

“Allegedly the Ebola carriers will be quarantined in special rooms, but we already know that American hospitals cannot even contain staph infections. What happens to the utensils, plates, cups, and glasses with which the ebola infected persons eat and drink and who gets to clean the bed pans? One slip-up by one person, one tear in a rubber glove, and the virus is loose.”

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The fact that Obama has brought a patient to the U.S. who caries a highly-contagious virus with no known cure and a mortality rate of over 90% is a gross violation of his obligation to protect the welfare of the American people. There is no way for us to help Dr. Brantly, and unfortunately, it is probable that he is going to die anyway. Still, Obama sees fit to expose our country to Ebola, which very likely could kill others.

This report gives way to another issue, which has been present for years, yet sorely overlooked by the media. Under the Project Bioshield Act passed by Congress in 2004, state-funded universities and other facilities across the U.S. are maintaining weaponized viruses for so-called “bio-defense”. The problem is, the facilities housing these “bio-defense” weapons are only moderately secure at best. One of the most secure is in Kansas, and there is a 70% chance of a deadly disease being spread from there sometime in the next 50 years. Frightening, to say the least. If the American public knew the extent to which they are at risk, there would be national uproar. Don’t worry, though – Obama has made a string of executive orders which would allow him to enact Martial Law if such an uproar did occur.

The Ebola crisis should be dealt with the same way that immigration should have been handled. The Left wants us to allow anyone and everyone who needs a leg up into the United States – never mind the detrimental affects it will have on American citizens. However, a much better way to give aid to immigrants and carriers of the Ebola virus is to help them in their prospective countries. By allowing them to infiltrate the U.S., we are not able to make a meaningful dent in the problem, and we are cutting off our own foot in the process.

Do you think that by letting an Ebola patient into the U.S. Obama has put us all in grave danger? Sound off in the comments section!

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