Navy SEAL Risks Career To Call Out Obama, Gets Fired

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A 9 year veteran with the Navy SEALs was recently given the ultimatum to stick to his guns and face dishonorable discharge, or leave willingly from the force with his dignity intact. Needless to say, he voluntarily quit, but the reason this ultimatum arose just may shock you.

Special Operations Petty Officer 1st Class Carl Higbie wrote a book in which he addressed the shortcomings of not only Obama, but politicians in the Capitol as well and how they’re having an adverse affect on the country.

According to Higbie, several policies put in place by paper pushers were resulting the deaths of Americans due to unforeseen operational flaws. Instead of idly standing by however, Higbie decided to bring the public’s attention to the matter by writing a book addressing the reluctance of elected officials to fix the issues at hand.

After writing up Battle on the Homefront: A Navy SEAL’s Mission to Save the American Dream, Higbie quickly noted the controversy his book was kicking up as even his commanding officers wanted nothing to do with it. Concerned more about the political ramifications and their careers, they distanced themselves from Higbie doing whatever they’re commanding officers said.

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Soon enough, he was released on a general discharge in which Higbie construed as punishment for his book, but after a two year long legal battle was able to upgrade his discharge to honorable status. To Higbie though, it was all worth it in an effort to fight a self-consumed government focused on no one but themselves and the agenda of their party.

According to Higbie:

“I have put my country in front of my career. I did not like the idea that my career was going to suffer because of my book, but someone had to speak out. Almost everyone is a patriot behind closed doors, but real patriots are those who are willing to step out from behind those doors and speak out.”

Now that you guys have heard what the former SEAL had to say, do you think you’ll be picking up a copy of his book? Was it right for the military to squeeze him out over a personal endeavor? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in a comment below.

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