Terror Attack On Israel Caught On Tape, One Dead, Five Injured

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An alleged terror attack was executed in the capital of Israel leaving one dead and five injured. According to several media outlets, an excavator (a tractor with a scoop bucket on the front) reportedly rammed into the side of a bus tipping it over and went after other onlookers before police intervened.

Apparently the bus was empty at the time of the attack where the tractor rammed into its side, tipping it over. One person was killed with 5 others, including the driver of the bus, were injured.

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“It was chaos,” according to one witness. “I went outside and suddenly heard a large boom, and saw a bus upside down, and then heard two or three gunshots and someone jumping on the driver, so we understood they had killed him.”

The aftermath of the incident was caught on tape by one witness who pulled out his camera phone. As seen in the video, police quickly put an end to the madness by killing the man driving the tractor by shooting several rounds into the cab of the vehicle.

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