U.S. Marine Attacked By Pro-Terrorist Hamas Mob

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In yet another indication of the infestation of Muslim ideology is taking place right here in the United States, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran was recently attacked by a Muslim, Pro-terrorist, Hamas mob.

The incident occurred outside of Washington D.C. where a pro-Palestinian demonstration was taking place resulting in the gathering of countless amount of Muslims shouting “free Palestine.” Of course, demonstrating the less than civilized manner of their religion, quite the outburst occurred when the group passed a veteran simply standing while holding an American flag and an Israeli flag.

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Somehow, words turned to violence as the Muslims began physically attacking and assaulting the veteran with blows to the face and even spitting upon the man. Soon enough police arrived to diffuse the situation where the veteran was asked aside to give his take on the situation.

Why is it that Americans are mandated to be tolerant of those believing in the religion of Islam despite the religion not once demonstrating this notion. The more I watch the barbaric nature of Muslim actions the more uncivilized it appears. Furthermore, it seems to be at the center of almost all the world’s issues which begs the question – does it have a place here on earth?

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