Sean Hannity DESIMATES Pro-Terrorist, Hamas Spokesman

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As the Muslim religion continues its intolerant agenda in which the only solution against its problems is world domination and the enactment of Sharia law, the religion of Islam is yet again thrusting the world into chaos. Most recently Sean Hannity took to literally ripping apart a pro-Hamas Palestinian who yet again decided to push the crap that Israel was the ones to blame.

As the turmoil continues to rage on between Gaza and Israel, it seems that the story they’d like everyone to believe isn’t being bought as easily as they’d hoped. Continued rocket firing amidst cease fires and the using of their own people as human shields and propaganda is as transparent as their agenda leading to confrontations such as the one recently seen on Hannity.

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Speaking with a CAIR – an anti-Israel Islamic group – spokesman, Yousef Munayyer, Hannity a question that should have only warranted a one word answer – either yes or no. However after asking, “Is Hamas a terrorist organization?” Munayyer tried to give a long winded answer trying to evade the obvious answer.

Hannity however wasn’t having this “beat around the bush” mentality on his show and called out Munayyer on his BS, literally ripping him apart on national television. Feel free to watch the clip above and let us know if this pro-terrorist supporter got what he deserved in the comments.

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