Israeli PM Netanyahu To Obama: Don’t “Ever Second-Guess Me Again”

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The U.S. recently did their best to display their tactical and military superiority to the world by negotiating a cease fire between Israel and Hamas, it all blew up in Kerry’s face when Hamas launched more rockets. As a result, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu, told Obama “not to ever second-guess me again.”

The declaration came about after two Israeli soldiers had been killed in an ambush with another being captured by Hamas. Furthering their strategic agenda, Israel has had no choice but to retaliate by continuing their massive and aggressive push.

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Netanyahu also took the opportunity to give a little “I told you so,” saying that Hamas cannot be trusted nor should they be offered the opportunity to demonstrate such as they will likely further use their time for devious intent. Furthermore, the Israeli PM stated that he “expects” the United States and other foreign governments to support Operation Protective Edge in effort of completely obliterating Hamas.

Licking his wounds after his public embarrassment on the world’s stage, Obama has since deemed the actions of Hamas as “barbaric.” He also added, “It’s going to be very hard to put a cease-fire back together again if Israeli and the international community can’t feel confident that Hamas can follow through on a cease-fire commitment.”

So what do you guys think – did Obama need to be knocked down a peg? Let us know what you think of Netanyahu’s response in the comments below.

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