Watch This Judge Destroy A Neglectful Mother

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It isn’t often that a Judge goes off on a victim’s mother in court, but this woman really deserved it. Video shows Judge Craig Schwall sentencing a man to life in prison for molesting two children. The sentence isn’t unusual, but what happens next is shocking.

The Judge turns to the victims’ mother and says “you are the cause of this and you are just as guilty as he is because you put your children at risk.”

He goes on to say that she knew what was happening to her 5 children, but she didn’t care because she was out drinking and partying. The molester was her boyfriend, and she allowed him to live with her family even though she knew what he was capable of.

This horrible mother will not be able to forget Judge Schwall’s harsh but true words anytime soon.

“You are an atrocious mother…you are not a victim.”

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