Watch This Anti-Gay Conservative OBLITERATE The Homosexual Argument

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Liberal ideology has led to society’s continued loosening of its morals and principles and the argument of homosexuality is indicative of such. Given that many people relate their beliefs to religious contradictions, some aren’t able to legally justify their argument – until now.

Most recently, a fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, Ryan T. Anderson, not only successfully argued why homosexuals aren’t applicable to the same rights given to that of heterosexual couples, but he completely dominated the conversation. Arguing that even by law homosexuals aren’t considered the same when it comes to marriage, Anderson went on to share why homosexuals can never really get “married” – at least according to all standards.

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Although in some states homosexuals can be offered marriage certificates, Anderson states that they aren’t really married as marriage is only applicable between a gender compliant couple – a heterosexual union. As marriage is entered into for a handful of reasons, perhaps one of the largest, is procreation – and that’s where the gender compliance comes into play.

As homosexuals aren’t able to have children, their union is therefore disqualified as a marriage, and in such, not recognized to receive the same benefits of those that do enter into a genuine marriage – a man and a woman. Instead, their belief is only degrading the sanctity in marriage to include something that falls outside the bounds of its definitions and can only go downhill from there.

Take a peek at the video above and let us know what you think of Anderson’s reasoning in the comments below.

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