Married Kindergartner Teacher Caught Sleeping With Teenage Daughter’s Friend

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As the age of the internet has allowed for news to spread exponentially faster than it once has, it seems that trends are noticed more easily – especially when it comes to the wrongdoings of man. As we’ve heard a million times before, yet another teacher was recently caught sleeping with a child much younger than herself.

According to reports, Cynthia Lynn Herr, 36, was involved sexually with her teenager daughter’s friend, a boy of just 16 years of age. Apparently Herr tied her own noose as she disclosed the sexual endeavor with a co-worker explaining that she rented a hotel room where the two had sex a total of 4 times.

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The boy reportedly denied the allegations at first, but as police thoroughly checked through his email and cell phone, they found messages exchanged between the two of a sexual nature. After being confronted with the facts, he caved and spilled the beans also informing authorities that the two had engaged in sex several times in Herr’s van as well.

During the court proceedings, Herr entered into a plea deal that spared her from a potential 45 years behind bars. Instead, after pleading guilty, she is set to spend the next six years in jail and remain on probation for nine years thereafter.

The parents have also approved of Herr’s sentence as well.

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