You’ll Be Appalled At How Much Money Biden Spent To Golf With Obama

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New York Times bestselling author Ron Kessler has written a bombshell new book called The First Family Detail. In it, he makes several claims that have been raising eyebrows. When tax-payers find out how much money Joe Biden has been spending on frivolous trips to and from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, the Vice President is going to have Hell to pay.

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According to The First Family Detail, members of the Secret Service have mockingly dubbed Air Force Two ‘Wilmington Shuttle’ due to Biden’s constant use. On one occasion in particular, he flew home to Delaware, then back to D.C. in the same day in order to play golf with the President. That trip alone allegedly cost tax-payers $12,406.


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As reported by MailOnline:

Kessler claims a Secret Service agent told him that every Friday Biden takes the Marine Two helicopter to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, where he boards Air Force Two and flies home to Delaware. He then retraces his steps and goes back to Washington, D.C. at the end of the weekend. Biden frequently makes same-day trips on the plane as well, a Secret Service agent reportedly told Kessler.

Perhaps the most barf-worthy of these claims is the fact that Biden often travels to Delaware to pick up his wife, Jill, only to turn right around and head back to Washington, D.C. Kessler alleges that Biden does this on a regular basis because the Air Force only foots the bill for the costly flight if Vice President Biden is on it. Apparently, this excessive waste of time and money has royally pissed off many of the Secret Service agents and Air Force members who are privy to it.


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Over the course of his time in office, Biden has spent a whopping one million dollars in flights to and from Wilmington – and that’s just what Kessler was able to uncover regarding the VP’s flights on Air Force Two. He was never able to find out the exact cost for Biden’s many trips in Marine two, because the Obama Administration refuses to release that information. An Air Force officer apparently told the author:

“They are covering up. We spent a lot of time compiling the records, but Biden’s office said logs for each flight would have to be consulted. This is a smokescreen to delay providing any records as long as possible.”

Ironically, President Obama put Biden in charge of the administration’s Campaign to Cut waste in 2011 and claimed that he would ‘hunt down and eliminate misspent tax dollars in every agency and department across the federal government.’ Biden responded to that responsibility be sending out an email to supporters, in which he claimed that he was the ‘new sheriff in town’. This contrived effort to convince the American people that Obama and Biden actually possess some amount of fiscal responsibility is laughable now. As Kessler writes in The First Family Detail:

“While Secret Service agents say flying is the most secure way for Biden to make the trips, the question is why the sheriff who is supposed to cut out government waste thinks it is appropriate to take such frequent trips for personal reasons.”

Kessler’s book made headlines earlier this week for claims that Biden enjoys skinny-dipping in his pool in front of female secret service agents. The nudity was highly offensive, according to anonymous sources, though Biden didn’t seem to care much, as it was not a one-time occurrence.

The more we learn about VP Joe Biden, the more he looks like a self-indulgent chump. There are sure to be more details coming out, as The First Family Detail is set to be released on August 5. Let us know how this newest report makes you feel in the comments section.

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