Winged Angel Caught On Camera In Indonesia

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A ghostly figure was captured on camera in Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, Indonesia.

At first, you might think that the video is fake or that the winged creature was somehow created with the help of sneaky lighting tricks, but then onlookers rush to the place where the angel appeared to investigate. It certainly doesn’t look as though they’re faking their curiosity.

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A relative of one of the witnesses that day is certain that the footage is genuine. 27-year-old Pramana Abbas, who specializes in paranormal activity, commented:

“My cousin was in Cilandak on that night and the people who witnessed it was talking about it the whole night. Its real. They saw this bright light coming down from the sky, hit the ground, then took off.”

What do you think? Was this an angel? Or a ghost? Give us your take in the comments section!

H/T: Examiner

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