Department Of Education Claims Scholarships Are Racist

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Florida’s Bright Future Scholarship program, which has been around since 1997, is under investigation for racism. The majority of the program’s $4 billion in funding has gone to white students, as affirmative action groups have left well enough alone until now, but that’s all about to change.

The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights told Campus Reform:

“The state of Florida utilizes criteria for determining eligibility for college scholarships that have the effect of discriminating against Latino and African-American students on the basis of national origin and race, in particular with regard to its Bright Futures Scholarship Program, which uses SAT- I and ACT cut-off scores to determine eligibility.”

In a nutshell, what the DOE is saying is that Latino and African-American students are less intelligent than white students. They are trying to justify these claims by maintaining that white students are more likely to be able to afford the costly tutoring needed to obtain high scores on SAT and ACT tests.

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Troy Miller, Florida College Access Network’s Senior Policy Analyst, explained:

“It’s difficult to significantly increase your test score on the SAT or ACT unless you have some sort of assistance. And assistance for those type of exams typically don’t come cheap.”

Scholarships are intended to be awarded to high-performing students based on merit. The word ‘scholar’ is the root of the word for a reason. They’re not called ‘any-idiot-with-two-brain-cells-ships’. Handing out money for higher education based on skin color would remove the incentive for students to achieve academically, therefore erasing the purpose of scholarships altogether. Are you following me, libtards?

Once again, the Left is perpetuating the racism which it barks so loudly in opposition of. I’m starting to see a pattern here: perhaps progressive America is intentionally trying to keep racism alive because it’s all they have left to propel their movement at this point. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section!

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