Off Duty Cop Has Impeccable Aim When Gunning Down Would-Be Thief


August 1, 2014 3:01pm PST

In times of crises, there is often little time to act, let along patiently take aim with a firearm. One off duty police officer recently took out a would-be thief with impeccable aim, but it was so perfect that it has left some viewers wondering if it was all just luck.

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Take a peek at the video above and watch the man in the blue jacket – he’s the off duty officer. After one man in the group is grabbed by the attempting robber and has a gun placed to his head, the officer shies away the side of his body from the thief where his pistol is located.

In one swift movement, he un-holsters his weapon, raises it, aims and fires all while successfully hitting the thief and avoiding his hostage. Watch for yourself and let us know – skill or luck?


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