Idiot Copper Thief Could Have NEVER Seen This Coming

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For those of us that have been around long enough to experience the stupidity in the world, it seems that criminals are amongst the dumbest. Proving just that, one thief decided to go after a bit of copper – too bad he was trying to get it from a live electrical wire.

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As the idiot tried to snip away at the power lines, he accidentally touched two of the wires at the same time – an event that only could have occurred after he snipped at least one line. As he sliced through the rubber protective lining, his bolt cutters made contact with the wires inside, and as the wire from the other line was already exposed, the moron closed the electrical circuit.

Unfortunately for him, the power had to run through him to get where it was going resulting in the an astounding electrical burst. Take peek at the video above and let us know if you think this thief will be trying to score some copper any time soon in the comments below.

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