Welfare Queen Brags “This Is What The Taxpayers Are Paying For”

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As society continues to slump further and further into dependency, Democrats rejoice as more and more Americans would rather wait by their mailboxes on the first of the month than go to work. As these freeloaders are becoming more brazen, empowered by the increasing population of like-minded folk, some are saying, “this is what the taxpayers are paying for.”

As we reported on a video called “It’s free, swipe yo’ EBT,” it seems that the creator of the video hadn’t quite finished making her point. Coming forward to share the glorious “free” stuff she receives from the state of California – well, it’s enough to enrage any American who would rather go to work.

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According to the woman, she EBT enables the bottom feeders of society to have a one-stop card that can access welfare, food stamps, WIC and any other benefits they may be leeching off society. Lucky for us though, this kind of mentality has allowed for a staggering amount of people to somehow feel entitled to take what isn’t theirs – tax payer money (a.k.a. the cash you earned).

Sinking the final nail in the coffin of the pride in ones work Americans used to feel, she tops it all off by saying, “I mean, who would want to work in America? This is what the taxpayers are paying for.”

The tax payers are paying so that the country is able to sustain itself, not so some lazy freeloader can sit on his/her butt all day and not have to go to work. A socialistic society will not work and will eventually fail as those that work will eventually lose interest and want their handout too leaving no one to pay taxes and everyone now dependent on them.

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