IDF Makes Startling Discovery: Hamas Issued ‘Terrorism 101 Handbook’

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The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has seized materials during recent raids in the Gaza Strip which have exposed just how Hamas terrorists are educating their followers. The extremist organization is dispensing training manuals which detail how to make a bomb and hide it in household items like television sets.

It is well-known that terrorist organizations such as Hamas have the advantage of ample financial backing. They appear to be using these funds to create and distribute these terrorist handbooks so as to make the assembly of a homemade bomb common knowledge.

As is detailed in these manuals, Hamas’ goal is to have Palestinians build bombs and hide them in unlikely places in hopes that Israeli militants might set them off unknowingly. This is another bit of evidence that Islamic terrorists will use any means necessary to destroy the infidel without regard to conventional warfare.

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The terrorist handbooks seem to be working for Hamas, as reports have surfaced of IDF soldiers raiding homes is Gaza, only to find bombs disguised in household wares. One Israeli soldier entered a civilian home located next door to a school only to find eight mines connected by cable and spread throughout the house.

These household bombs will undoubtedly contribute to the alarming number of civilian deaths in Gaza. Clearly, having an active bomb in a home with children – or anyone, for that matter – is far from safe.

In America, we find it annoying when we return home to find an advertisement hanging from our doorknob for a tree trimming service. Can you imagine if instead you found a pamphlet on creating a homemade bomb?

Reports like this one remind us of how lucky we are to live on this side of the world. Here, we don’t have to worry about our children reading up on the art of bomb-making. We don’t worry about being blown up every time we step foot outside of our homes. Tell us what you think of Hamas’ latest military strategy in the comments section.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon

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