This Conservative Candidate Has An Epic Response For Liberal Who Called Her “Frightening”


July 31, 2014 2:43pm PST

Lenar Whitney, a conservative woman running for congress in Louisiana, is fighting back after a liberal analyst called her “frightening.” David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report wrote an article Wednesday calling Whitney “the most frightening candidate I’ve met in seven years interviewing congressional hopefuls.”

Wasserman went on to say that Whitney and her aides abruptly left an interview with him after he questioned her scientific sources for her climate change claims. He was also asking if she believed Obama was born in The United States.

“It was the first time in hundreds of Cook Political Report meetings that a candidate has fled the room,” wrote Wasserman, who interviews about 300 candidates a year.

Despite the negativity of the article, Whitney and her aides aren’t phased.

“It’s just liberal elites hating conservative women,” fired back Chris Comeaux, the communications director for Rep. Lenar Whitney.

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Comeaux said that the mainstream media attacked them for 30 minutes before they made their escape.

The communications director said they “put up with this for about 20 or 30 minutes,” but “at some point, we decide to leave.”

“We were just like, this isn’t productive. You’re just trying to get her to say something stupid,” he added.

Comeaux said they were blindsided by the leading questions, since The Cook Political Report is supposed to be a bipartisan news source.

“They’re supposed to analyze the race. They’re supposed to talk about demographics. They’re supposed to talk about geography. They’re supposed to talk about our opposition. But he just jumped her from the beginning. It was just non-stop.”

He also said that he believes the entire interview was a setup.

“There are interns in the room who are all in their early twenties. And they’re taking notes. And while he’s asking Lenar questions, he’s winking at them, like they’ve all planned this out, he’s got this crazy woman coming in this afternoon, ‘I’m going to really give her a hard interview and make you guys laugh.’”

Comeaux said that the article ran with a picture of Michelle Bachmann looking stupid, and didn’t have any picture of Whitney at all.

“They are lumping all the conservative women together,” Comeaux said. “It’s just oh, you’re conservative and you’re a woman, we must destroy you.”

Unfortunately, this kind of treatment of a conservative is no longer surprising. The mainstream media loves nothing more than getting a conservative in their clutches. Luckily, Lenar Whitney didn’t give them what the reaction they wanted.

Sometimes the best way to deal with a crazy liberal is to just walk away.






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