Liberals Pushing For White Extinction: What Will Future Americans Look Like?

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The thought exude by Liberals nationwide that racism is as rampant as it is offensive is a popular narrative continually brought up in an effort to “fix” the issue. As we all know, the only reason cries of racism are still prevalent in society today are for the weak to lean upon in times of desperation.

Long has the argument of how to go about solving the issue of racism been debated and it seems that the answer has been staring Liberals in the face all along – the extinction of whites. As we reported back in April, Liberals were mildly suggesting this, but according to new reports, some suggest it may be a reality by as early as 2060.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the future average American of 2060:


Now God forbid that whites be allowed to have pride in their own race – a privilege granted to everyone else mind you – but the fact that whites are the root problem, and thus the cause, for racism, well, out they go. In order to do that, a series of subtleties and suggestions, some that we’ve already seen, are increasingly coming forward in which its being recommended that we, as Americans, begin to date, marry and breed inter-racially.

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Such a strategy would surely brown up the population.


Liberals have even gone so far as to incite cries of racism upon those that dare defy these directions as being just as racist as their skin tone portrays them to be. Forget about the fact that these decisions are far beyond “tolerance” superiority, and really boil down to human anatomy that usually dictates attraction, but why hasn’t such an agenda been deemed racist up until this point?

There is absolutely no other race that would tolerate such hateful demands, and God forbid if the suggestion came from Whites – I mean, can you imagine if someone dare make the suggestion to whiten up Americans in order to improve intellect and decrease crime? Now I’m not saying that this needs to be done, as it’s a flat-out hypothetical in order to do nothing more than get across the point, but is it any less wrong (and yes, racist) than what Liberals are actually suggesting?


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After all, according to the stats, we, as Americans, are already changing. Back in 1960, about 85% of Americans were considered white whereas in 2060, scientists are predicting that the nation will consist of far below 50% whites. Add to this that immigrants are coming over by the handfuls today – a reality mind you this study did not anticipate during its completion – and this only further dilutes the gene pool.



Furthermore, the study went on to show that even one generation in which interracial relations took place was enough for those involved to have an offspring not considered white. Just take for example Obama – despite being half white and half black, the majority of Americans view him as a black African-American.


As interracial relationships are on the rise as we speak, how do you guys feel about the whole ordeal? Obviously no one is condemning interracial relationships, but why the push? Should those of us that are white feel offended by this strategy of extinction?

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