Liberal Rag Reports Fake Story On Sarah Palin, What They Said Will Blow Your Mind

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Jezebel is Gawker’s excessively liberal site. It only takes one time enough to read the headlines plastered on their homepage to realize that. One of the site’s progressive writers has come into some hot water after reporting on a story originally released by The National Report, which was entirely false. Any reputable journalist knows that The National Report is chalk full of fake stories, but apparently not Erin Gloria Ryan. She ran a headline which read, “Sarah Palin Interviews Guy Who Calls The President ‘Nigger Hitler’.


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The National Report, where Ryan pulled her misinformation from, stated:

Less than five hours after the launch of The Sarah Palin Channel, the fledgling online subscription-based network has landed itself in a major controversy, after a person being interviewed by Palin herself repeatedly referred to President Barack Obama using the highly offensive “N” word.

They also gave fake quotes from the man she supposedly interviewed, who they claimed was a hillbilly from Bowling Green, Kentucky. They reported that George Seymour, the fictitious 58-year-old, had said in regards to Obama:

“I hate that n*. I call him `N* Hitler.’ He wants to stick everyone that don’t agree with him in concentration camps [and] make us wear the mark of the beast. He’s a Muslim, gay-loving n* Hitler and there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t wish he was dead or in jail.”

It seems immensely hypocritical that the those most likely to scream ‘racism’ at the top of their lungs are the ones to run a story like this one. Sarah Palin just launched her news channel and already liberals are trying to sabotage it.

30 minutes after posting the article, Ryan made this non-apology:

[UPDATE: The site that reported on the interview is actually a parody site. Once again, my confirmation bias has led me astray. Consider me fooled, and chastened.]

No news yet on how long it will be before Ryan regains any credibility as a reporter. She’s most likely hiding under her bed right now, with the covers pulled over her head, counting down the minutes until the worst day of her life is over.

H/T: Mediaite


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