DHS Agents Storm Couples Home, Seize SUV For Violation Of EPA Regulations

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Showing exactly the kinds of authoritative overreach we’ve come to expect as America is governed under the current administration; the DHS gave a NC couple quite the scare. After storming the couple’s property in six vehicles, the feds rolled away with their $65,000 Land Rover claiming it was in violation of EPA regulations.

Last I checked, DHS wasn’t in charge of vehicle repos.

Apparently these agents didn’t get the memo as Jennifer and Bill Brinkley recently had their car viciously torn away from them because all the VIN numbers didn’t match up. This, in turn, was justification for the Feds to pull off “a raid to get the car,” according to WBTV’s Steve Ohnesorge.


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Bill later explained to reporters that, “it’s just unnerving the way they did it,” as the agents didn’t give the couple “a chance to debate the issue.” They also notified the couple that they had 35 days to appeal the seizure, but would not release the location of the car leaving the Brinkley’s no way to verify whether or not the numbers match up.

Take a peek at the video above for a more detailed explanation of what happened and let us know what you thought of the entire ordeal in the comments below. Was this a major overstep of DHS authority?

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