Illegal Alien Gang Members Stab Homeless Man To Death

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Maryland police have arrested six members of the notorious MS-13 gang in connection with the murder of a homeless man. 56-year-old Amos Milburn Jones is reported to have said something which angered a female member of the gang, prompting her to seek the help of five other male members in beating and stabbing the man to death. All six MS-13 gang members were illegal immigrants. They will each be charged with first degree murder.

An anonymous border patrol agent sent an email to infowars exposing just how bad the situation at the border has gotten and how violent gang members are coming into our country:

In the RGV [Rio Grande Valley], we have been averaging around 10,000 apprehensions per week. That means we are losing well over 10,000 aliens per week. And the aliens that are getting away are not the juveniles or the family units because they are turning themselves in at the first sight of agents. The ones we are losing are convicted felons, aliens from special interest countries, and other high risk individuals. We are so overwhelmed and preoccupied by the flood of juveniles and family units that we cannot use our resources to catch the more serious aliens.

The injustice done to Amos Jones at the hands of illegals is just the tip of the iceberg. Reports of violence perpetrated by illegal gang members are surfacing on a daily basis and show no sign of stoping. The scene where Jones was gruesomely murdered is just thirty minutes away from the site where a facility to house illegals awaiting processing has been planned.

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A University of Maryland report on gangs revealed just how dangerous MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) really is:

MS-13 is known to heavily recruit school aged members between 10 years of age and up. Gang members are known to hang around middle and high schools recruiting members as young as ten-years-old in and around schools.

MS-13 members have access to sophisticated weapons, thus making firearms trafficking one of their many criminal enterprises. Despite their access to weaponry, there have been many high-profile murders and assaults in which MS-13 have used machetes to attack their victims.

The gang is heavily involved in burglaries, auto thefts, narcotic sales, home-invasion robberies, weapons smuggling, illegal firearm sales, car-jackings, extortion, murder, rape, prostitution, assault, and witness intimidation.

Feel free to read the report in it’s entirety here.

As one veteran border patrol agent pointed out, parents should be very concerned, because their children will be the ones going to school with these gang members. Their children will become targets. And not just American children from border states. Illegals are being shipped out to states throughout the U.S., where they will create the same problems which they are now creating in Texas and Arizona.

Illegal immigration is destroying our country from the inside out. Let us know how you feel about this report in the comments section.

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