Civilian Records As Israel Bombs His Location In Search Of Terrorists


July 31, 2014 11:10am PST

In a video showing exactly what is going on over in Gaza, a cameraman just so happened to have his camera rolling when the building he was standing next to was targeted and bombed by Israeli shells. As we all know, Hamas has taken to cowardly using buildings in which they know are heavily populated by civilians in order to use them as human shields.

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Now, unfortunately this video is graphic, but it also accurately depicts the situation Israel is faced with. As terrorists continue to use their people as human shields, Israel has no choice but to retaliate against Hamas and the buildings in which they use to fire rockets into Israel from.

The deaths of innocents is never acceptable, but with the help of news outlets like CNN, Hamas has been able to successfully use the deaths of innocents for propaganda purposes – which was effectively their hope from the get go. Take a peek at the devastating footage and let us know what you think of this whole ordeal by leaving us a comment below.


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