Congressman Warns Of National Outrage When Secret 9/11 Docs Are Revealed

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Congressman Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) is one of a number of lawmakers urging the government to declassify 28 redacted pages of a report investigating the attacks of September 11, 2001. He recently took some time to speak with Glenn Beck regarding the truths which those pages hold.

Massie was careful not to reveal too much information, as anything he told Beck could be used against him in a court of law, but what he did say was troubling. Massie told Beck:

“When 9/11 happened and shortly thereafter, we were all like sponges. We were trying to absorb as much information [as possible] to understand the who, the what, the why, the where. But at some point you quit collecting information because there’s no more information to be had — or you think there’s no more information — and it all sort of sets up like concrete in your brain.”

“As I was reading these 28 pages, I had to try to take apart that concrete that had set up, my own understanding of what had led up 9/11 and what had enabled it. What really hurt me was to wonder, why did my government keep this from me for 13 years? What were their motives?”

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It is incredibly important that the contents of those 28 pages are made available to the American public. Not the least of those reasons is that the families of 9/11 victims are currently in court and that information would be relevant to their cases. There’s also the fact that we may soon be deciding on whether or not to engage in another war in the Middle East. Lawmakers need to know the circumstances surrounding the attacks on the World Trade Center before they can make a well-informed decision on whether to go to war or not. As Glenn Beck stated, we need to build our country’s future on a foundation of truth.

Do you think that the government will release the contents of those 28 redacted pages? Obama hasn’t led the most “transparent” administration, which isn’t a good sign. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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