You Won’t Believe How Illegal Alien “Students” Act Toward American Teachers

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A letter that was written by a substitute teacher is making national headlines as illegal immigrants aren’t so much grateful as they are greedy. According to this teacher’s testimony, illegals care nothing of American generosity and Americans stole land from Mexico and this influx is an attempt to take it back.

The letter was written by substitute teacher Tony Hill who explained his recent experiences teaching classes in and around Phoenix, Arizona. As the government is forcing local schools to now take in and educated those that break our nation’s laws, it seems that these illegals aren’t nearly as desperate as Obama let on.

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According to Hill, classes ranged from 28-38 students (larger classes to account for the influx of illegals), most of whom were Hispanic with a few blacks sprinkled in. During his time teaching, the students were extremely disrespectful saying they would not say the Pledge of Allegiance because they weren’t American.

In fact, they explained that Americans not only stole their land, but they were back – along with the surging illegals – to take back the land that once belonged to them. Hill also details a series of other disrespectful actions that further demonstrated their ungratefulness towards America.

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