Rand Paul SLAMS MSNBC: Try Telling The Truth 24/7

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Despite the many claims that MSNBC is unbiased, it’s been made clear on countless occasions that this is false in all aspects. Recently calling out an MSNBC host on their left-leaning biased nature in which they try to make news by demonizing the Right, Rand Paul recently destroyed the man by saying that until MSNBC tells the truth 24/7, he’s not going to argue what he did or didn’t say.

The entire incident was brought about during an interview on the network’s The Cycle where remarks made four years ago by Paul were brought up. During the conversation, the nitwit host, Ari Melber steered the conversation to speak about the philosophical debate Paul had all those years ago in regards to Civil Rights Act and tried his hardest to make Paul look like a flip-flopper.

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Fortunately for us – and for entertainment’s sake – Paul wasn’t up for Melber’s antics:

“To come on MSNBC and have a philosophical discussion, the liberals will come out of the woodwork and go crazy and say you’re against the Civil Rights Act, and you’re some terrible racist. And I take great objection to that, because, in Congress, I think there is nobody else trying harder to get people back their voting rights, to get people back and make the criminal justice system fair. So I take great offense to people who want to portray me as something that I’m not.”

He then wrapped up his spiel with a pretty red bow as he concluded, “When your network does 24-hour news telling the truth, then maybe we can get somewhere with the discussion.”

And, as they say, boom goes the dynamite. Feel free to let us know your thoughts on Paul’s stand in the comments below.

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