You’ll Love Hannity’s Response To Russell Brand: “You’re Kind Of Dumb and Ignorant”


July 31, 2014 7:06am PST

Sean Hannity has fired back against nitwit Russell Brand, and he says exactly what we all wish we could to all the idiot liberals out there. Earlier this week, Brand released a video mocking Hannity’s Israel coverage and calling him “childish.”

According to Mediaite, Hannity retaliated this week by calling Brand “stupid” and “not funny.” He then went on to say “I need to educate you, ’cause you’re kind of dumb and ignorant.”

The Fox host completely owned the Hollywood actor, calling him a “D-List actor better known for his marriage to Katy Perry” before he refuted all his arguments about Palestine.

Wow, I don’t think Brand will be messing with him again!


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