White House Accidentally Sends the AP a Classified Government Document

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A White House document has revealed that the CIA kept their interrogation methods after the 9/11 attacks a secret from the Secretary of State and some Ambassadors for quite some time. The still classified document is circling among white house staff and says that the ambassadors who were told of the harsh and violent methods were instructed not to tell other members of the government.

The four page document contains the State Departments response to the 6300 page report on the CIA’s interrogation program. This report reveals that Secretary of State Colin Powell was not informed when the brutal techniques were first used in 2002.

The White House “accidentally emailed” non-classified talking points on the report to the Associated Press. The email also addressed keeping Secretary of State Colin Powell in the dark about the interrogation methods.

According to Fox News, the White House document also reveals the state department’s concerns about what the world will think about the interrogation methods, which included water boarding. To this day, current and former CIA operatives passionately debate whether these techniques yielded positive results.

Though the document does not say that the CIA program legally constitutes torture, it does include practices that many would define as torture. The methods included slapping, humiliating, and depriving the prisoners of sleep.

“This report tells a story of which no American is proud,” the document says in a section entitled “Topline Messages (as proposed by State).”

“But it is also part of another story of which we can be proud,” the document adds. “America’s democratic system worked just as it was designed to work in bringing an end to actions inconsistent with our democratic values.”

It goes on to say that the senate report¬†“leaves no doubt that the methods used to extract information from some terrorist suspects caused profound pain, suffering and humiliation. It also leaves no doubt that the harm caused by the use of these techniques outweighed any potential benefit.”

The State Department is clearly very nervous about how the world will react to this document. Only time will tell how the public will take this report.


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