14-Yr-Old Uses 12-Gauge Shotgun To Kill Mother’s Abusive Boyfriend


July 30, 2014 3:45pm PST

A 14-year-old boy used a 12-gauge shotgun to shoot and kill the abusive man his mother was dating. Police had been called to the young boy’s home earlier that day to remove 34-year-old Ayatollah Mohammad from the property. They dropped him off about seven miles away.

That night, the abuser returned to the home, but the tough young boy was prepared. He was sitting in waiting when Mohammad snuck back onto the property.

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Brett King, the defence attorney for the young shooter, said:

“There is a history of domestic violence. And it is our understanding that he aggressively attacked her the day before the shooting in Jefferson County.”

This looks to be a cut-and-dry case of self defense. Although the 14-year-old boy will likely not be prosecuted, his life will still be impacted by this event in immeasurable ways. The person most at fault in this case is the boy’s mother, who allowed such a dangerous man into her young son’s life. She selfishly entered into a relationship which caused her son to have to become an adult prematurely.

H/T: Free Patriot


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