Welfare Moochers Cheat Tax-Payers Out Of $200K To Build Secret Property Portfolio

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Mother-of-two, Nicole Mwamba, was granted asylum in Britain when she claimed that her life was threatened in Congo over her political beliefs. She apparently used this privilege to cheat tax-payers out of a hefty sum of money.

When Mwamba’s first husband died, she collected his entire estate, which she never reported in order to continue receiving disability benefits. She then married her second husband, William Kapuya, but kept the union a secret in order to continue receiving benefits she was given for four properties she owned. She was able to acquire the properties in the first place by posing as an executive.


Mwamba began collecting welfare in 1998. During the last 16 years, she has rented out her homes to make extra income while living in her brother’s house. She also collected money from the French welfare system through a friend, who deposited the funds into her 15-year-old son’s bank account.

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On Monday, Mwamba was handed down a two-year prison sentence, while Kapuya got 14 months.  Prosecutor Francesca Levett told the court:

“This case involves a number of identities and addresses and throughout her claims Mwamba said she had no savings or capital. She was keen to keep these two identities apart. This was a calculated and contrived decision by Mwamba to only give the Department and Work and Pensions (DWP) the information she wanted them to know. As a benefit claimant she was poor and needy, but as a mortgage applicant she was successful and employed. Mwamba has never worked and she needed to pay her mortgage somehow.”

The fact that Mwamba was able to cheat tax-payers out of so much money while owning four different properties means that the welfare system is in need of a massive overhaul. It is far too easy for lazy people to make a career out of playing the government.

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H/T: MailOnline

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