ISIS Terrorist Desecrate Bodies Of Dead Soldiers, Put 50 Heads On Poles

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WARNING: The content below is extremely graphic and may be considered disturbing by some viewers.

Showing the exact kinds of animals those belonging to the “religion of peace” are, a new video has been released showing some of the worst acts of barbarism to hit the web. As documented by an ISIS terrorist, 50 Syrian soldier corpses were decapitated where their heads were placed on poles for the world to see.

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The footage comes out of Northern Province of Raqqa in Syria where the ISIS have maintained a stronghold on the area resulting in at least 80 dead soldiers with another 200 unaccounted for. As you can see, series of executions regularly take place with some dying of gunshot wounds to the head before decapitation, while others aren’t so lucky.



This video, as if it wasn’t clear enough already, just goes to solidify the fact that the religion of Islam will not stop until its laws (Shariah) are enacted worldwide. Furthermore, their respect –or lack thereof – for fellow man is truly indicative of their overall intentions.

Feel free to watch the video below (viewer discretion is advised):




After having seen the truly brutal and graphic efforts of the Muslim extremists in this video, feel free to leave us your reaction in the comments below.

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