Obama’s Latest Statement In Support Of Terrorists Will Make You Sick

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Reports have surfaced of claims President Obama made back in 2008, in which he sympathized with radical Hamas terrorists. Obama stated that Hamas had “legitimate claims” that were being “weakened” by the acts of violence and terror they carry out against others.

You may recall that Obama began publicly making excuses for terrorists back in 2001, when he argued that their acts of violence are the result of an ideology that they only embrace because of harsh conditions like poverty and despair. I’ve known a good number of poor people, but none of them turned to killing innocent women and children who would not convert to Islam. The President’s logic is utterly ridiculous.

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Is it any wonder then, that Obama has been undermining Israel from the very start of their conflict with Hamas? He has shown his true colors from day one, but liberals refuse to acknowledge these facts and the lamestream media refuses to report on it.

Obama is a terrorist. At this point in his imperial presidency, he has done a vast number of things which go to prove that. He sides with Hamas over Israel, our closest ally, completely ignoring that is it Hamas’ written law to kill all Jews. He released five high-ranking terrorists from Gitmo not long ago, freeing them to continue persecuting Christians. Obama is a terrorist – make no mistake about that, folks.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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