Leaked Footage: Hamas Terrorists Launch Deadly Attack Using Tunnels

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Truly indicative of the primitive nature in which Hamas operates, Israel has explained that the terrorists are burrowing underneath the border and making their way into Israel through the use of what they’re calling “terror tunnels.” Recently released however is a video showing these tactics as seen through the eyes of a Hamas terrorist.

For those of you unaware of what a terror tunnel is, Hamas terrorists have taken to digging tunnels that start in Gaza and travel underneath the border of Israel where they resurface in the heart of their intended targets. From there, the terrorists emerged like insects, strike their target, and retreat back to their holes in the ground in order to get back home.


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This video shows just that as Hamas terrorists were seen attacking an Israeli complex resulting in the deaths of 5 Israeli soldiers reportedly in the Nahal Oz village. For a peek at the entire clip, feel free to watch below:

Now that you guys have seen it what do you think of these tactics – uncivilized or have these terrorists adapted their war plan successfully? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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