You’ll Be Enraged When You See What Liberals Want Us To Pay For Now

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House Democrats have proposed legislation for a $500 million grant to help people learn English. Yes, now WE are potentially going to be forced to pay for illegal immigrants to learn english in OUR country.

According to The Blaze, Rep. Joe Garcia of Florida is fighting for The English Learning and Innovation Act, which would create programs to teach students English in the growing number of schools that need it. Garcia says the number of English learners in grade school has gone up 60% since the 1990s to 4.7 million. By 2025, 25% of grade schools will be made up of English learners. Yikes.

The bill is split into two programs. One will give innovation grants to schools that show commitment to high quality education and wish to improve teacher instruction. The other will create “capacity building grants” which will function as emergency grants for schools that show a spike in students that lack english language skills.

If passed, $100 million a year will be spent on this bill starting in 2015. The bill is supported by various minority education groups, including The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese and Asian Americans Advancing Justice.

Meanwhile, Republicans are fighting for legislation that would make English the official language of the U.S. and would force immigrants to pass an English language test in order to obtain citizenship.

For the sake of our tax dollars and our children, lets hope the Republicans win this battle!

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