Americans Pressuring Police To Scrap Armored Vehicles Of War

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The blatant militarization of police is getting out of hand and the fact that they’re beefing up to the point of armored vehicles is outright ridiculous. Fortunately it seems that that overwhelming voice of Americans is having a profound effect as police are now ditching the highly unnecessary MRAPs (armored vehicles).

As our boys are thankfully coming back as America is finally looking at permanently withdrawing its troops from war, the nation has found itself with a surplus of vehicles of war. To help remedy the problem, the government unloaded them wherever they could for pennies on the dollar – with reports even claiming they were literally given away – usually finding their way to local law enforcement divisions.

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Americans however were none-too-pleased as they saw armored vehicles of war rolling down their street as police boasted their shiny new toys and panic of abusive overstep became a potential reality many became wary of. Fortunately however, Americans in league with the ACLU have put up so much of a stink saying that police were treating civilians, “like wartime enemies,” that law enforcement departments, such as the Albuquerque Police Department, are now getting rid of their excessive purchases.

Communications and Community Outreach Director of Albuquerque Police Department Janet Blair explains, “There are a number of different ways we might to use it, or we could give it back.” Executive director of the New Mexico chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, Peter Simonson, added, “I think that, at least as a symbolic gesture, it would signal a skepticism about the department’s use of military-grade weaponry and whether it’s actually necessary.”

Furthermore, Tim Lynch of the Cato Institute concluded that, “Returning it might be the beginning of an acknowledgement that maybe they’ve gone down the road and they’re trying to find their way back.” So what do you guys think – could police departments finally be realizing that they have taken their abuse in authority a bit too far? Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the whole ordeal in the comments below.

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