Marine Staff Sergeant Schools Obama On Foreign Policy

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A 28-year-old Marine Staff Sergeant didn’t expect to get national attention when he sat down to grab a bite to eat inside of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. He was about to deploy to Afghanistan for the second time, leaving behind his wife and three young children.

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The brave soldier happened to be seated next to veteran journalist Floyd Brown, whom he struck up a conversation with. Brown decided to report on just what this soldier said to him regarding Obama, who the Marine referred to as his boss. The soldier told Brown:

“Can you believe how my boss is trying to order Israel around? I’m glad Israel is giving Obama the middle finger… if the Palestinians were raining rockets on my kids, I would want to fight back, too. Sometimes, I don’t think Obama is even on our side. He takes actions that we all know are going to fail.”

This young man echoes the sentiment that many of us feel, yet he is still willing to risk life and limb to defend our great country. That’s something “his boss” has never had the cojones to do.

H/T: Western Journalism

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