Dems Campaign Plan Leaked: Use Jews, Blacks And Liberal Media To Our Advantage


July 29, 2014 1:56pm PST

Although we all know that Liberals will stoop to just about whatever means it takes to get elected, or re-elected, apparently game plan is not a “fly by the seat of your pants” type mindset, but an actual strategy. After accidentally being leaked on the internet, it appears that there are three main point to leverage as a Liberal: the Jews for money, the blacks for votes, and the Liberal media to paint them in the most glorious of light.

The document actually derived from Michelle Nunn who is running for a seat in the Senate and accidentally wound up with her game plan online for the world to see. Although its nothing all that shocking given what we’ve seen Liberals do in the past, its finally solidified what we’ve thought all along – Liberals are only there to use those that can benefit them most.

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Better yet, they will do so if given the chance.

The document starts out by outlining tactics to be used by their campaign division in order to successfully interact with an already sympathetic media. According to the document:

The constant pitching and communications with reporters is also good for developing relationships between the campaign and the press corps that can be leveraged to affect coverage…

Part of the communications department’s job (in conjunction with research) is to leverage relationships and find the material to push back against negative research hits. Often we will have fair warning and can work to kill or muddy the story.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind being a Democrat nominee, the first of which is to ensure you don’t come off as “too Liberal.” After all, you don’t want to scare off whatever’s left of those rich, white folk dumb enough to still vote for you.

The next few bullet points however, would surely have resulted in a few cries of racism if presented by a member of the GOP. For instance, it seems that Liberals are targeting Jews for one thing – they’re money.

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It seems that her support of Israel in the current trying days has been considered “absolutely necessary.” According to the document, “There is tremendous financial opportunity, but the level of support will be contingent on her position [on Israel]. This applies not only to PACs, but individual donors as well.”

The worst, and perhaps most offensive aspect though comes down to the targeting of minority groups – specifically blacks. Further pushing the agenda Obama has clearly set forth, Liberals seek to enslave blacks via dependency (i.e. handouts). According to the BizPac Review:

For actual votes, the main targets are minorities – mainly blacks and Hispanics who’ve been brainwashed into thinking Republicans are intrinsically evil – along with the usual Dem mix of gays who think voting booths are bedrooms and young single women who’d scorn to be taken care of by a man but have no problem thinking Uncle Sam should be paying for their birth control, among other things.

Now that you guys know, what do you think – does this really shock you? Is the willful targeting of blacks for selfish needs considered racism? Where’s the outcry from the Left? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments below.


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