Obama Spends $770 Million in Taxpayer Dollars To Rebuild Mosques Overseas

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Although Obama has spent tax payer dollars since the time of his election like they were going out of style, he has kept the majority of purchases as close to his chest as possible – with good reason. According to a recent report, Obama has granted over $700 million of your hard earned dollars to repair mosques over seas.

Now there has been much speculation on whether or not Obama is a closet Muslim, but when he does things like these, it only strengthens speculation. Don’t worry though, because according to the White House, the funds are going to a good purpose – fighting terrorism.

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Yes, you read that right.

According to their reasoning, by investing in those that appear more peaceful in nature, its empowering them to take a stand to Muslim extremists. Unfortunately, as explained by one such former “peaceful” Muslim, mosques are the primary recruiting centers for extremists, and the White House is actually funding terrorist action by doing so.

As Americans continue to struggle just to keep the lights on, and several other programs designed to assist Americans are being shut down because we can’t afford it, this kind of crap only makes us wonder who’s running things in the White House. Should America come as America’s first priority?

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