Bloomberg Shoots Himself In Foot, New Ad Proves Importance Of Guns

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There are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, times in which a gun is needed to save a life wherein it would be impossible under all under pretenses. A situation just as this was ironically portrayed in a new “anti-gun” ad produced by none other than Michael Bloomberg.

The ad depicts a domestic violence situation where a mother and her child are inside of a residence on the phone with police as her abuser is trying to gain entry. As tensions rise, the aggressor kicks in the door, comes storming in and takes the child.

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As the woman puts up a fight, the man pulls out a gun, and although it isn’t seen, shoots her in the head presumably killing her. Now, let’s just say that average police response times are around 10-15 minutes – would this have helped in the given occurrence?

Absolutely not.

What Bloomberg seems to have overlooked here is that the same thing that is threatening this woman’s life could have saved it. Lets add in there the hypothetical that the woman had in her possession a gun of her own and blew away the violent intruder the second he walked through the door – doesn’t this instance sound a bit more cozy?

What do you guys think – is Bloomberg as big of an idiot as he lets on? Feel free to share your thoughts about his recent video in the comments below.

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